吃Dow-Key® Microwave focuses heavily on providing the best and most reliable switching systems to the ATE industry and we have been successful to this end since 1999. In automated test systems, the critical role that switching segments play in the overall testing is often overlooked and taken for granted. The performance of a test system is only as good as the switches routing the signal, even with the most sophisticated test instrument.
We take pride in our ATE switch solutions which allow the user to test UUT’s/DUT’s without concern about the switching segment – we will take care of it for you. Our ATE Switch Matrix solutions are available from DC up to 40 GHz and are offered with various software interfaces with minimum effort needed to control the switch matrix.Our stand alone high performance coaxial switches for ATE applications are available with long cycle life and an insertion loss repeatability of 0.03 dB across DC to 26.5 GHz frequency band. For high-speed applications, our DC to 40 GHz switches are ideal for use in test & measurement applications.

Standard Features and Capabilities for Switch Matrices:

Dow-Key’s switch matrix platform is engineered around a flexible and efficient modular system architecture comprised of a series of brackets, panels and electronic-boards that are universal among all Dow-Key® electromechanical models. Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) solutions are not only cost effective, but can also easily be re-configured by adding RF switches to a single enclosure – from simple to complex combinations. The platform is easily field up-gradable and repairable.

Cost Effective Solution

  • Flexible and efficient system architecture
  • Compact physical form
  • Multiple switch configurations in one box
  • Same software control and command protocols across products
  • Trouble-free maintenance (for field upgrades and repairs)

Features and Capabilities:


  • 1U/2U/ 3U/4U rack mountable chassis or larger
  • Easy access to power supply and control card
  • Redundant power supplies (optional)
  • Highly scalable where it can easily support smaller to larger RF switches and configurations by cascading units and adding master/slave control software
  • LCD with Keypad or Touch Screen LCD for manual control
  • 以太网(TCP / IP)带HTTP-Server或GPIB:添加基于实验室视图的GUI软件,RS-232端口和USB端口远程控制接口
  • 系统级快速切换时间
  • Keeps track of the switch life via a counter
  • Field upgradable firmware via boot loader
  • 所有电子元件和CANBUS交换机都符合ROHS
  • EMI shielded Ethernet, USB and CAN bus connectors
  • 其他被动或有源组件可以在设计基础上使用

下载我们的Switching Systems Capability GuideorSwitching System Solutionscatalog for more details.

MS-Control Kit
MS-Control Kit
MS-ENET和MS-GPIB套件是低预算解决方案,最适合于ATE,测试台和系统集成应用,迎合您自己舒适的组装组件的用户。根据控制类型,有两个套件可用。任一套件包括以太网/ GPIB控制板和12x RJ11-4直线电缆(要与DOW-Key CAN总线开关一起使用)。要了解更多信息,请下载我们的catalog for more details

MS-Series: Our MS- series consists of multiple switches mounted on the rear panel that can be reconfigured with SPDT, transfer DPDT, SP3T, SP4T, SP6T, SP8T, SP10T and SP12T switches. We can also populate any number of CANbus switches in a 19″ rack chassis (within size constraints) and mix the type of switches as needed per the user’s test frame. To learn more, download ourbobapp下载 bob综合产品。
MS-Series: The Miniature MS-series is a compact solution with a size not exceeding the dimensions 6.29” x 3.30” x 7.05”; making it ideal for bench top Test & Measurement applications. It is equipped with high performance switches with 0.03 dB insertion loss repeatability across DC to 26.5 GHz, and a minimum of 10 Million Life Cycles with SPDT switches and 5 Million Life Cycles with the SP6T switches. A combination of these switches can be mounted on the front panel and controlled with Ethernet and Web-based GUI control. To learn more, download ourMMS-Series Data Sheet
MP-Series MP-Series

MP-Series: Our multiplexer switch matrices offer the capability to route one input to as many as 143 outputs (bidirectional) from DC to 18 GHz and smaller configurations for solutions operating up to 40 GHz. It is available with both SMA and N type RF connectors and terminated/non-terminated I/O ports. To learn more, download ourbobapp下载 bob综合产品 。


CB系列Dow-Key® understands that the need to switch between more complex test setups may be required, therefore the CB-series crossbar matrix is an excellent choice. It allows the user to test UUT’s with multiple input and output ports without having to connect and disconnect it from the test setup. The CB-series can switch an input signal to any unique output port at a given time. The largest standard configuration is up to 12 inputs by 12 outputs and operates to 18 GHz. For a 26.5 GHz solution, the CB-series crossbar matrix is available with 8 inputs by 8 outputs. To learn more, download ourbobapp下载 bob综合产品。

Reliant SwitchTM值-Series
依赖开关系列Reliant SwitchTM系列:Dow-Key®提供适用于测试和测量应用的开关解决方案,将优异的电气和机械性能与宽频带相结合。具有高孤立,低VSWR,对于SPDT,SPDT的500万个生命周期,为SP6T为500万个周期,具有出色的0.03 dB插入损耗重复性。Reliant Switch™产品线的第一个版本是SPDT同轴开关,具有终止或未终止选项。要了解更多信息,请参阅Reliant SwitchTM值
40 GHz开关系列
4 ghz switch series40 GHz开关系列:用于高速应用,如测试SERDES,使用同轴开关在许多DUT I / O端口之间切换是理想的。Dow-Key®提供DC到40 GHz SPDT,DPDT和SP3T通过FAILSAFE,通常打开和锁定执行器选项(根据开关类型的锁定执行器选项(根据开关类型)以及1W终止,如果需要。要了解更多信息,请参阅catalog

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Dow-Key bob综合游戏Microwave Corporation,世界上最大的机电制造商RF Switch.esandSwitching Systems,是微波产品组(MPG)的一部分,是多佛公司的子公司。bob综合bob官方网址我们专注于同轴开关bobapp手机客户端下载 空间合格交换机bobapp下载 固态开关矩阵Fiber Optic Switch Matrices可编程延迟线and much more. Specializing inrf矩阵Switch Matrix那and RF Switches.

作为RF技术的领导者,Dow​​-key提供高性能waveguide switches operating up to 70 GHz, coaxial switches operating up to 40 GHz, Hi-Rel switches such as SPDT, transfer switch, T-Switch, various waveguide switches and switching blocks, and switching systems such as SATCOM modules, RF matrices with individual switches, non-blocking crossbar, fan-in and fan-out modules, hybrid switching solution and much more(electromechanical, solid state and fiber optics), in addition to, custom switching designs and reliable solutions, as it is required in today's fast paced communication industry. Our products are used in a wide range of different markets, from commercial, military and to space, with applications in ATE, avionics, ground based, satellite communications, broadcasting, Hi-Rel, and many more. We are specialized in RF technology and custom switching needs. Dow-Key Microwave is AS9100 / ISO-9001:2008 certified and is committed to provide unparalleled customer service, competitive pricing and on-time delivery. Founded in 1945, Dow-Key is the oldest continuously operationalRF继电器制造商in the United States.

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