Dow-Key Switch Solution
Dow-Key Microwave’s Quality Management System is certified to AS9100 for the following:RF和微波机电开关,继电器和交换矩阵的设计,制造,检测和测试,以及军用,空间/高级rel和商业市场的应用。bob综合客户端下载

Dow-key的质量系统由Dekra Certification,Inc。注册:

  • AS9100.

See our certification这里.

DOW-Key是FAA 14 CRF第21部分制造批准持有人。查看我们的批准信这里.

Dow-Key’s Quality Policy


Dow-Key is dedicated to the achievement of customer satisfaction by empowering our employees to continuously improve the quality, cost, and delivery of our products and services.

Soldering and Workmanship Standards

Dow-Key is compliant with the following soldering and workmanship standards:

  • IPC J-STD-001
  • IPC J-STD-001S (For Space Products)
  • IPC-A-610 Class 3
  • NASA-STD 8739.3 (When Required)

Dow-Key’s full in-house environmental testing facility includes:

  • Vibration and Shock
  • Temperature Chambers
  • Thermal Vacuum Chambers
  • 热冲击室
  • High Power Radio Frequency
  • 网络分析仪高达65 GHz
  • Passive Inter-Modulation (PIM)
  • Multipaction

Dow-Key’s inspection capabilities include:

  • Optical Coordinate-Measuring Machine
  • Coordinate-Measuring Machine
  • X-Ray Florescence Analyzer

Dow-Key has a clean room facility for Space and Hi-Rel products that includes:

  • Two Class 7 Clean Rooms to ISO 14644-1
  • Class 5 Flow Bench Assemblies

Dow-Key maintains calibration of test and measurement equipment through qualified outside sources and Original Equipment Manufacturers. Calibration standards are traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).



2.Process Specifications List PS-1




Dow-Key Microwave Corporation, the world's largest manufacturer of electromechanicalRF开关Switching Systems, is part of the Microwave Products Group (MPG), which is a subsidiary of Dover Corporation. We specialize in同轴采用开关s,bobapp手机客户端下载 ,Space Qualified Switches,bobapp下载 ,Solid State Switch Matrices,光纤开关矩阵,Programmable Delay Lines和much more. Specializing inRF Matrix,Switch Matrix和rf开关。

As a leader in RF technology, Dow-Key offers high performance波导开关高达70 GHz,同轴开关,操作高达40 GHz,HI-REL开关,如SPDT,转移开关,T-Switch,各种波导开关和切换块,以及诸如SATCOM模块,RF矩阵等开关系统开关,非阻塞横杆,扇入和扇出模块,混合开关解决方案等等(机电,固态和光纤),除了自定义开关设计和可靠的解决方案之外,在当今快节奏的通信行业中需要。我们的产bob综合品用于广泛的不同市场,来自商业bob综合客户端下载,军事和空间,在ATE,Aviocics,基于地面,卫星通信,广播,Hi-Rel等中的应用中的应用。我们是专门从事RF技术和自定义切换需求。DOW-Key Microwave是AS9100 / ISO-9001:2008认证,致力于提供无与伦比的客户服务,竞争性定价和随时的交付。Dow-Key成立于1945年,是最古老的连续运作RF Relay manufacturer在美国。

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