Dow-Key® Microwave has been a prominent supplier in the SATCOM (satellite communication) industry for decades with a wide range of relays and switching solutions available for many different ground base and Teleport applications. The best in the RF switch industry, Dow-Key’s® engineering team is dedicated to support customers from product selection, custom design to RF switch system integration, and post product support.

Switching Solutions

waveguide swtiches
波导用于传送系统,以将信号与高频和高功率电平进行窄带宽。DOW-Key®波导路由信号高达75 GHz,旨在在高温环境中运行;提供高隔离和低插入损耗。对于重量敏感的应用,我们的轻质WR系列是一种完美的解决方案,具有极低的质量。学到更多
Coaxial Switches: SPDT and Transfer DPDT and Multiposition switches
For wideband signals up to 40 GHz and for applications such as switching between two antenna signals using SPDT switches (401 and 402-series) or for routing two incoming signals to two outgoing paths using Transfer DPDT switches (411 and 412-series), our routing multiple signals to one output (SP3T-SP14T switches), Dow-Key® provides RF switch solutions with many choices. Selections such as connector types, control signals, indicators, RF terminations, ruggedized or non-ruggedized environments, RF power level, and many more options are available to meet all types of requirements.学到更多

Solid State Switch Matrix Solid State Switch Matrix

许多SATCOM应用需要更复杂的开关模块,以支持发射器(扇出)和接收器(扇入)侧的低功率和高密度信号路由。bob官方下载地址处理许多I / O信号时,切换的复杂性迅速增加。Dow-Key's®Matrix产品系列提供软件控制的固态交换解决方案,用于路由输入以输出信号在典型的频带上输出信号:HF,IF,VHF,L,S和宽带。还提供了6×6至16x16的大多数常见配置,还提供了更高密度32x32,64x64或更大。Dow-key还可以提供10毫秒的快速系统级切换时间的解决方案,如果需要。

Features and Capabilities

  • Solution uses solid state switches, power combiners or dividers for Fan-In or Fan-Out configurations and other passive components as needed on design basis. Active components such as amplifiers are also utilized.
  • Dual power supply with indictors on the front panel
  • For Low Density switch matrix up to 12X12: CPU with Windows 7 (or later) operating system, removable hard drive, Ethernet TCP/IP, RS-232 and Touch Screen graphical user interface (GUI) with visual representation of port settings and status check are offered. SNMP control can be added feature
  • For High Density switch matrix starting at 16X16: Modular control card solution with LCD & keypad, Ethernet TCP/IP & UDP, and RS-232 software controls are available. As additional optional features, control over HTTP (website) and master/slave configurations can be added.
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机电横杆开关矩阵: CB-Series
宽带、高频率和高功率卫星通信applications, Dow-Key® understands the need of switching between more complex test setups may be require. The CB-series crossbar matrix is an excellent choice that allows the user to switch between multiple input and output ports; switch an input signal to any unique output port at a given time. The largest standard configuration is up to 12 inputs by 12 outputs and operates to 18 GHz. Larger systems and/or solutions with higher frequency options are also available. To learn more, download our机电矩阵产品s.

卫星Integrated 19 Rack Solutions
For extreme complex and high density switching needs, Dow-Key® has both the expertise and the capability to custom design full rack SATCOM systems with complex switching requirements. For instance, C-band 32×64 solution, model 5096, is built using two 16×64 input modules and four 32×16 modules together with a controller unit, touch screen and a fan controller unit to keep the system cool. A more sophisticated solution is model 5190/5191 duplex Teleport system. It is composed of two full loaded 19″ racks with 48×12 (transmitter) and 12×48 (receiver) switch modules built using 12×12 sub-modules, signal monitoring panels, master-slave controller, fiber optics modules, power supply modules, signal attenuation control and L-band amplifiers across both transmitter and receiver racks.Download ourFull Integrated Solutionsor read further on ourCustom Applicationpage.

我们的最新设计基于模块化平台,可以使用16x6交换机的模块化构建块增加SATCOM系统的大小,以最大为94x110矩阵。该平台具有可拆卸的墨盒和18 dB的低噪声系数。系统的美是信号路由阶段(在输入阶段和输出之间易于互换,在无源扇出,风扇或横杆交换类型之间,或者可以使用这些类型的组合来制作混合动力切换矩阵。要了解更多,请联系我们技术支援bob官方下载地址团队与工程师交谈。
Dow-Key bob综合游戏Microwave Corporation,世界上最大的机电制造商RF开关andSwitching Systems,是微波产品组(MPG)的一部分,是多佛公司的子公司。bob综合bob官方网址我们专注于Coaxial Switches,bobapp手机客户端下载 ,空间合格交换机,bobapp下载 ,固态开关矩阵,Fiber Optic Switch Matrices,Programmable Delay Linesand much more. Specializing inrf矩阵,Switch Matrix和rf开关。

As a leader in RF technology, Dow-Key offers high performance波导开关高达70 GHz,同轴开关,操作高达40 GHz,HI-REL开关,如SPDT,转移开关,T-Switch,各种波导开关和切换块,以及诸如SATCOM模块,RF矩阵等开关系统开关,非阻塞横杆,扇入和扇出模块,混合开关解决方案等等(electromechanical, solid state and fiber optics), in addition to, custom switching designs and reliable solutions, as it is required in today's fast paced communication industry. Our products are used in a wide range of different markets, from commercial, military and to space, with applications in ATE, avionics, ground based, satellite communications, broadcasting, Hi-Rel, and many more. We are specialized in RF technology and custom switching needs. Dow-Key Microwave is AS9100 / ISO-9001:2008 certified and is committed to provide unparalleled customer service, competitive pricing and on-time delivery. Founded in 1945, Dow-Key is the oldest continuously operationalRF Relay manufacturerin the United States.

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